Monday, August 11, 2008 is an online race wagering service of Horse Race North Dakota, the licensed operator of live horse racing at North Dakota Horse Park. It provides this service in association with Lien Games Racing LLC, a licensed service provider in North Dakota. Licensed, based and regulated in the U.S., offers Advance Deposit Wagering on pari-mutuel horse racing from a U.S. licensed and regulated company based in North Dakota. offers Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Harness wagering content from racetracks across the globe. We make it easy to sign up and be wagering in minutes. We never impose any fees or charges to join, to wager or to watch racing video.

All wagers are securely commingled into host track betting pools. All winning wagers are paid at full track odds. Members will have access to instantaneous wagering and bet verification, live audio race calls, dual, multiple-sized live video screens, and live up to date track odds. also offers a 3% cash reward bonus on every wager made on all of the BetAmerica Bonus Tracks. The BetAmerica Bonus Tracks have allowed BetAmerica to promote their tracks by rewarding players for their play.

We'll be adding to our website over the coming months and welcome your suggestions for how we can serve you better. So join us, have fun, and good luck at the races!

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